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125 Nelson Crescent, Napier

Call us on 06 834 0651 or email us here

We are re-locating our clinic from June 20th to 125 Nelson Cresent with easy free parking and a ground floor treatment room.

Once the main website is up and running, our health blog will feature frequent blog posts on current health issues and relevant topics.

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Chris and Margi York have been practicing osteopathy for over 12 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help get you ‘back on your feet’.

Before living in New Zealand, Wales was their home where they ran three busy clinics treating patients of all ages as well as animals.

Chris treats humans and animals including horses, ponies, dogs, cats and even dairy cows. Margi enjoys spending her day helping pregnant women and relieving colic in new born babies.

Both have undergone many postgraduate courses for treating animals and children using gentle cranial osteopathic techniques.

Horse Consultations – $120 for a single horse consultation or $100 for multiple consultations at the same location. Email here to book an appointment.

Both Chris and Margi are happy to treat simple low back or neck pain, and more complicated problems which may be a combination of emotional and nutritional issues which are expressed as a physical pain.

We are both ACC registered and are registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.

Chris has been treating animals since 2006 after completing a postgraduate diploma in Animal Osteopathy run by the world renowned Stuart McGregor.

He combines the gentle cranial approach with more direct manipulation to treat a wide range of problems that animals experience. Whether it is a horse in competition in need of a tune up, or an ageing dog finding it difficult to get into the car.

Chris is happy to discuss the issue with you and decide if he can help.

Margi’s passion is treating babies and children and has completed pediatric postgraduate studies in the UK in the past 12 years.

She enjoys treating the whole family to regain harmony within the household, whether it is a new born baby with colic or a teenager struggling with growing pains.

Margi uses manly gentle and effective cranial techniques to relieve built up stresses and strains within the body.

Please contact the clinic here via email to make an enquiry or book an appointment.